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2023 Omotesenke Domonkai Southern California Koshukai was held

Sep 15,2023 2:55 pm / 

Prior to Covid-19, the last in-person Koshukai held was in 2019. For the next three (3) years, in-person events went into a hiatus and turned to virtual formats until recently. This summer we welcomed instructors from Kyoto, as we resumed our in-person three-day Koshukai programming: Kyojusha (August 25th ); Ippan (August 26th ); and Shikakusha (August 27th ), with a substantial number of members in attendance. Both the performers and audience were tense yet alert receiving detailed guidance from Mori Sosho and Horinouchi Sensei. For tea practitioners, the guidance provided motivation and encouragement to continue with learning the rich cultural art of tea.

Also, on August 27 th a Welcome Banquet was held for Sosho and Sensei. Many guests and members were in attendance, making it a time well spent together.

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