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Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego

Jan 28,2022 10:56 pm / 

Sankei-en (三景園) is a Japanese garden in Balboa Park, San Diego. Its name translates to “Garden of three scenes” and is named after Sankei-en (三渓園), a garden in San Diego’s sister city, Yokohama. Visitors can enjoy farming and mountain scenery from the strolling garden, and it occasionally hosts tea ceremony events.

Along with its Japanese Friendship Garden, the Park has many museums, a botanical garden, as well as the San Diego Zoo. If you find yourself in San Diego, Balboa Park is definitely worth a visit!

Name: Japanese Friendship Garden (姉妹都市友好 日本庭園)
Address: 2215 Pan American Rd E, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619-232-2721

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